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Disinfection Services for Commercial Buildings and Offices in NY and Surrounding Areas

Sanitize360 offers premium disinfecting and sanitizing services for commercial buildings, courtesy of our highly-trained and skilled cleaning technicians. It’s imperative that commercial building owners and office buildings avail disinfecting services to protect employees.

The health and safety of your employees and clients should be your top priority; we can help you keep your office building protected from the spread of bacteria, germs, and diseases via touch points.

Disinfecting the office also makes it safe for clients, investors, and visitors. Our cleaning and disinfecting services are available for retail stores, warehouses, hotel rooms,and other commercial buildings in NY, NJ, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Ocean County, and Monmouth County.

Our experts use efficient cleaning equipment and chemical-free disinfectants that have been approved by the EPA to clean and disinfect indoor and outdoor spaces. Our staff has multiple years of experience and is extremely thorough and professional. We don’t use hospital grade disinfectant for commercial offices because this can be harmful if used daily. Every job requires different chemicals, and we have the know-how and resources to customize our cleaning plan for each customer.

We make sure to focus on areas that experience heavy use and high foot traffic, such as meeting rooms, doorknobs and handles, temperature control knobs, desks, keyboards, etc.

We comply with all industry standards and use color code cleaning equipment. This enables one-direction wiping when cleaning manually, smart spraying, and complete and comprehensive tech disinfecting procedures. This ensures we get to hard to reach places and other surfaces that people come in contact with most often.

Our technicians are punctual and dedicated and will make sure to get to each nook and cranny to cleanse all bacteria and germ hot spots in the office. We make sure to use separate cleaning equipment for areas such as the bathroom and kitchen spaces/eating areas as an extra precautionary measure.

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