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Disinfecting Services for Restaurants in NY

One of the most important measures commercial food facilities need to take to avoid foodborne illnesses—as per the Food Code issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration—is regular disinfection.

Sanitize360 is committed to helping you keep your restaurant up-to-date with official health and safety guidelines. We offer sterilization and disinfection services to prepare your commercial facility for health inspections, and keep your cooking and dining spaces spic and span.

We strive to meet each client’s needs and only use safe and toxin-free products to keep you, your staff, and your diners safe. Regular cleaning practices are integral to helping your food business thrive in a competitive market. Our team of experienced and highly-trained staff is committed to ensuring that your business excels when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. These are important characteristics for a restaurant, if it wants to expand its consumer base.

We can help you achieve that!

Our services include neutralizing odors in the restaurant kitchen and dining area and disinfecting all surfaces. We also sterilize all appliances and equipment as well as door handles, light switches, dining chairs and tables. We also clean bathrooms and focus on high-risk areas that are prone to bacterial infestations such as push plates, towel and soap dispensers, faucet and flush handles and more.

Our color-coded cleaning methods are designed specifically to ensure that cleaning equipment such as mops and cloths that are used in bathroom areas are not used anywhere else in the restaurant.

Restaurants based in NY, NY, NJ, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Ocean County, and Monmouth County can get in touch with us to avail our professional disinfecting services.

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