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A Look at Common Area Maintenance for Residential Buildings

For most building managers, these present circumstances are concerning.

While maintaining hygiene during the COVID-19 lockdown was easier before, it may be a bit difficult now that all 50 states are reopening, and businesses are resuming normal operations. So, how do you keep your building clean despite the COVID-19 threat?

Sanitize 360 has some information that may come in handy.

Cleaning and Hygiene Tips to Protect Against COVID-19

Focus on Common High-Impact Areas

These high-impact areas include the elevator cabs, the compactor, lobby area as well as freight area entrances. In short, any area that receives a lot of foot traffic needs to be cleaned out and disinfected. Especially if you have carpeted or wallpapered hallways, it would greatly help if you hire a cleaning service to have the areas cleared out.

Call in a mold removal expert if you see anything growing in the nooks and crannies. Also, bring all the apartment residents on board and talk about installing walk-off mats at the entrance. Decide on a budget to replace the mats every month and discuss the best ways to handle hard stone or wood hallways if needed.

Develop a Cleaning Schedule

Get in touch with a disinfecting service in New York or New Jersey like Sanitize 360. Bring your apartment building residents up-to-date on the monthly cleaning schedule and ask them for any regular tips on how to maintain the results. Areas such as the hallways require cleaning every six months, elevators and lobbies need cleaning every three months. The common areas also must be vacuumed once a week.

Hand railings and carpets, as well as outdoor mats and welcome mats, etc. should be cleaned every other day. Inform all residents that they should maintain the entrances to their homes to avoid the risk of spreading the infection.

Implement Personal Hygiene Rules

Install a hand sanitizer dispenser by the entrance and ask all guests and residents to use the product before entering the building. Implement a system for food deliveries to the building. Ask your residents to come to the building entrance themselves and get their food, rather than asking the delivery person to come up.

If any person feels any symptoms, tell them to call 9-1-1 and the building manager immediately. If someone is self-isolating, inform the neighbors to make regular checks and do so yourself if the resident needs anything. Do what you can to make life easier.

For the Future

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread, we must do our part to flatten the curve as much as we can. So that one day, we can look back at these moments and feel assured that we did our best in protecting ourselves and those around us against this heinous outbreak.

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