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Keeping Your Warehouse Disinfected and Operational During the COVID-19 Crisis

The world is currently grappling with a viral outbreak, unlike any other, that has crippled both the healthcare system and the global economy. Mandatory lockdown and social distancing have been key strategies to limit the spread of the virus in the United States. However, many businesses deemed essential have continued to operate during the lockdown. This has led to several safety concerns for both the customers and employees.

The latest news of Amazon shutting down its warehouse after three employees tested positive for COVID-19 came as a shock to many business owners. Companies are now looking for effective strategies to combat cross-contamination at their warehouses and minimizing the risk of spreading the viral infection.

Here are some expert cleaning and sanitization tips to help you keep your warehouse clean while ensuring the safety of your workers:

Clean and Disinfect All Surfaces Frequently

The coronavirus is a respiratory illness that’s spread through airborne particles and upon contact with infected surfaces. According to a study, the virus remains active on surfaces such as plastic, stainless steel, and cardboard for up to 72 hours. Frequent cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces of the warehouse should be done to eliminate any lingering bacteria and minimize the risk of contamination through fomites.

Provide Proper Protective Equipment to Workers

All workers should be provided with quality protective equipment. This includes:

  • Masks

  • Gloves

  • Personal Protective Equipment Kit

Sanitizer dispensers should also be available throughout the warehouse to ensure frequent sanitization of hands and surfaces.

Implement Social Distancing and Other Sops

Warehouse owners should also implement updated SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that take into account the current viral outbreak.

Each worker’s temperature should be checked each day before allowing them inside the warehouse. If they show a fever, they should be sent home immediately following relevant sick-leave protocols.

All equipment and deliveries should be handled using gloves and surfaces wiped with disinfectant before dispatching them. Social distancing should be observed by all workers, and a space of 6 feet should always be maintained.

Hire a Reliable Disinfecting Service In New York and New Jersey

Hiring reliable disinfecting services such as Sanitize 360 will ensure deep and thorough cleaning of all areas of the warehouse and help you stay operational during this challenging time.

We offer professional disinfecting services for all residential homes and commercial spaces, including schools, warehouses, and office buildings in New York and New Jersey. We use EPA-approved disinfectants and equipment and follow all guidelines and SOPs mandated by the CDC.

Get in touch with us today and let us make sure your space remains clean and hygienic!

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