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The Future of Work: How Office Design Will Change, Post-COVID-19

Open-floor plans, communal lunch rooms, shared kitchens with shared mugs and silverware, and office parties galore—all these may seem like relics from the past, now that the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the globe.

With about half of all Americans working from home, business owners are using this time away from the workplace to discuss how they can make the average office safer and more effective.

Deciding on the Future of Office Working

Although some do argue that working remotely might just be the future of work, let’s not forget, not everyone has the privilege or luxury to work from home with good broadband access, fast-working laptops, and home office space.

Not to mention that in many cases, working from home is simply not possible, for example, with IT professionals and engineers, or ER physicians who have to be present on-site. That is why business owners want to create better spaces that would benefit their employees and provide them with the productivity they need.

So far, here are some concepts business owners have contemplated!

Redesigning Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems require a significant overhaul.

The COVID-19 virus spreads through airborne droplets that are inhaled by other people. And in almost every office building, this can lead to a risk of mass infection. Separating each floor or zone and creating an air distribution system that utilizes UV light to kill viruses and bacteria is the best option for providing more unpolluted air for all present.

Added Sanitation and Disinfection

In addition to creating sanitation tunnels as well as mist sprays at every external passage for people entering or leaving the building, businesses will incorporate elements from hospital design for their offices. Easy-to-clean and disinfect flooring options, curtains, furniture, and self-sanitized door handles will be used. More companies will stock on supplies for masks and necessary medication. Commercial offices will also hire regular services for disinfecting their office buildings, especially those in high-risk areas like New Jersey and New York.

Greater Real Estate

Companies will focus significantly on utilizing more space since employees will feel unsafe working in their original enclosed environment. Maintaining considerable distance at present is crucial. So, by the time companies begin calling people back to work, in light of phase 3 of the Opening America, most may have already renovated their offices to give their workers generous space.

Moving Forward…

Disinfecting commercial buildings, gyms, hospitals, and other facilities on the regular will become a standard. Offices will become more open. And as time goes on, more businesses will come up with better ideas to bring people back to the workplace.

But for now, with companies like Sanitize 360, companies will do all they can to bring their skeleton crew on board. That’s the only way we’ll be able to manage our work despite the fear of a virus outbreak.

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